The ME-300 Micro Educator couples our most popular Transmitter, the ET-300 Mini with the all new RX-070 Micro Receiver for small dogs.  The RX-070 is an all around smaller version of the RX-090  Mini Educator Receiver at approximately 20% smaller, 20% lighter and 20% less stimulation.  And for even more small dog considerations, the contact points are approximately 20% closer to one another and the collar can be turned 90 degrees on the strap for a "fore and aft" contact point position rather than having the contact points going around the neck.    Like the ET-300, it is still rated for dogs 5 lbs and up, but the newer configuration allows for more options when fitting it to a very small dog. 1/3 MILE RANGE

ET-300 302 Owner's Manual.pdf

ME-300 Micro Educator 1-Dog

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